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How We Select Our Best Backup Companies


Easy to use backup interface

We pick companies that are easy to use and robust, right out of the box


Data Security

Our best backup companies have impenetrable encryption


Ability To Sync Computers

We love companies that take advantage of syncing to multiple computers

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Types of Online Backup Plans:

Free Backup Plans

Several companies offer Free Backup Plans. Generally these plans are limited and meant for you to upgrade to one of their paid plans. These plans are useful for college students or others on a tight budget. Dropbox, SugarSync, and Mozy all offer free plans giving you two and five gigabytes.


Single Computer Personal Plans

This is a great option for those with only one computer.  The prices are affordable, the plans have many useful features, and just about all backup companies offer these types of accounts. Look for plans that offer easy to use software scheduling, and are a good value on storage space.


Multiple Computer Home Plans

Like most homes there are laptops, desktops, Windows and Mac OSX and they all need to be backed up. Some plans are based on Storage space while others are based on number of computers.  Look for easy to use software, and companies that support all the major operating systems.


Business Backup Plans

You enter the realm of Business Online Backup with the need to backup lots of computers, require several access levels for user access, need fast backup times and the need to backup servers. Most business plans focus on multiple users as the main costs, while others focus primarily on the storage requirements.


Enterprise Backup Plans

Large companies and departments / divisions of these large companies often have the need to backup hundreds of computers, windows servers, exchange Servers, Oracle Servers and Linux Servers.  This type of plan will be very flexible with many backup options.


Learn more about Online Backup:

questions-125Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is my online backup budget?
    Prices can range from free to $30/month to $3000/month.  Learn how much you should pay for different types of backup plans.
  2. What is my level of technical expertise?
    Easy to use but may have fewer setting to control  More control requiring more technical knowledge
  3. How many computers do I need to backup?
    Most individuals only have one computer, if you need to backup the entire household check out our top picks for Family backup plans.
  4. Which operating systems do I need to backup?
    Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Servers.  All Companies will support windows, but you want to ensure you will be able to back up all types of systems.

howmuchbackupspace-125Why Backups Are Mission Critical

Backing up and keeping copies of important documents has been a practice for hundreds of years. Often, people do not realize the importance of keeping more than one copy of a document. This can be disastrous for someone if they lose an important document.

The modern digital age has saved us a quite a bit of hassle in storing our documents, but are they really much safer on a computer? Not necessarily. Hard drives can fail. Even external backups could fail. If there is a fire or big power failure you could lose all your data at once!

The new way to store your digital data is online. Online backup service are great but you need to arm yourself with the right tools before you go into the online backup marketplace.

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