About Online Backup Search

Online Backup Search is me, Steven Johnson and those who have left reviews.

I am married, we have a little girl, live in Atlanta, GA, design and develop websites full time, and require online backup as part of my business to protect important files.

I understand the importance of a solid backup strategy because I worked several large corporations that understood the necessity of Online Backup. As a the Manager of the Help Desk it would have been my head if any important files were lost. After years of this, I too now use these same principles for my company, Intown Web Design. Having your data backed up is essential to keeping your files safe.

The editor reviews for the online backup services are all first hand experiences with those companies. We also try to edit our reviews if improvements have been made or the companies have fixed their mistakes.

About Online Backup Search

Online Backup Search is the newest review website designed from creation to completion by Intown Web Design. It was started because I had done lots of research looking into online backup companies and this was a good way to help people who are looking for the right company for them.

There are several questions about Online Backup Search that are answered below. These answers help describe what Online Backup Search is all about.

Why does Online Backup Search exist?

We were assigned the task of creating a website that would easily list reviews and allow for community interaction. We have a lot of experience with Online Backup companies, so it was just an easy way to test our skills in designing a simple and easy to use review website.

Are the reviews independent? or do they promote certain companies?

The reviews are independent. We do not provide any specific company of another. We only review Online Backup Companies with what ever information is available to everyone.

Where do we get the time and money to manage Online Backup Search?

3 Ways:

  1. We donate our own time and effort. We want to provide a Community setting where you can read and leave honest reviews from your peers. We have worked with Online Backup services before and it is important to us to help you understand what your need to know.
  2. We use the site as testing ground for client ideas and projects. We make sure things work correctly clients so we test them here first.  So this site is partly funded by our clients.  Example: You may see a chat box on the right.  A client was interested in adding chat to their site, so we are using Online Backup Search to test this feature out first. If the results are good our client will add it to his site.
  3. We get credit from some hosting companies. This credit does not bias our reviews. Some of our top rated companies do not give any credit and we still rank them highly. Hopefully with a well thought editor review contrasted to a user review, you will get a good feeling of the company. We understand this possible appearance of a conflict of interest and try to be as upfront as possible. We appreciate it when you use our links when purchasing selecting your Online Backup service, it helps improve Online Backup Search. It helps even more when you return to our site and leave a review of your experience with the company.

Which Online Backup do we use?

We are currently using IBackup for our business needs. Although this may not be exactly the best one for you, it's a good place to start looking. We needed something for a small business and they provided that.

Questions or Comments?

info [AT] onlinebackupsearch.com

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About Online Backup Search

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