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backuptermsanddefs-125Backup Basics

Where to start your search? What are the major points in online backup? This section provides you with several guides and how-to articles that will help start your online backup search. We provide key tips, terms and definitions that you will need to know about each type of online backup. Whether you are looking for yourself or a large company this area will help you identify what category of online backup you should focus your search.

familybackup-125Home Backup Advice

Have one computer to backup? Have a house full of computers to backup? We have the answers. In this section we tailor our advice to individual users looking for solutions for developing a home backup strategy, tips on the most helpful home backup features.

Business Backup AdviceBusiness Backup Advice

Have a small business? Work for a large company? We have combined the search for Online Backup for Small Business and Enterprise into one category. There are some major similarities between the two categories but also some differences. In this section you will find guides and articles outlining how to find a good backup company for business, backup strategies, and much more.

howtoselect-125Backup Best Practices

How do stay organized for online backup? Steps to ensuring optimal Online Backup uses. Assuming you have looked into our starting guides, this is section describes steps taken after installation. How you can stay organized for your online backup or even how to backup your email.

Top 5 Tips when looking for an Online Backup Company

If you are new to the Online Backup market it is overwhelming. Fortunately, once you are armed with the appropriate information. At Online Backup Search we take it on ourselves to learn everything there is to know about online backup and to teach it you.

We have congregated our top 5 search tips we use for finding the best Online Backup Company. This list is a great place to start your search. Let us know what you think of our list. Contact us and let us know your experience.

  1. Company Reputation

    When looking for a company do not let price be the most important factor. First I look for a company that is well established, has a good customer service, and generally well regarded among computer users.

  2. Required Features

    If you know what you're looking for then you are ahead of most people. Features vary based on the company. Read the Best Home Backup Features & Online Backup Terms and Definitions to figure out which features will work best for you.

  3. Software

    The backup software should be easy to use allowing you to backup and restore your data with out much hassle. The application should run quietly in the background with out taking up lots of resources. iDrive (for home), iBackup (for business) both have excellent applications to install on the computer.

  4. File Restore Time

    Depending on which method the company uses to restore files it can take a while to restore them. Double and triple check the method and ask the company if it's reliable. If something happens to your computer you don't want to be waiting around for your restore to get to you.

  5. Price

    Many people go for price first, I go with price last, yes it is still an important factor, but ensuring you will be able to restore your missing data in case of an emergency is way more important than a few dollars a month. I also look for companies that offer monthly and yearly pricing structures. First I sign up for a month by month account, then if I am happy with the company go for the discount by paying for the service one year at a time.

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