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About iDrive: iDrive is a simple online backup solution with great features and easy to use software. iDrive is owned by Pro Softnet Corp. They offer several...
Space: 150GB
Expert Rating: 9.0
User Rating: 9.6
About SugarSync: Sugarsync brings cloud computing, sharing and backing up together. Sugarsync has grown a lot in 2009 and is a great new start up company to...
Space: 60GB
Expert Rating: 8.6
User Rating: 9.3
About Mozy: Mozy’s goal is to make Back up a simple, stand alone process that happens automatically. They give you the essentials without overloading you with...
Space: 50GB
Expert Rating: 8.4
User Rating: 4.5
About Dropbox: Getting to your files as if they are on your computer is Dropbox’s main goal. It’s important to be able to get to your files...
Space: 100GB
Expert Rating: 8.4
User Rating: 8.5
About SpiderOak: SpiderOak offers innovative cloud based personal data backup and management services that simplify the process of backing up your data while syncing it across multiple...
Space: 100GB
Expert Rating: 8.1
About Jungle Disk: A subsidiary of Rackspace Hosting, Jungle Disk uses it’s own servers to help you save on transfer costs while reliably backing up your Data....
Space: Unlimited
About SafeCopy: SafeCopy is a streamlined, well thought-out, online backup service. Their mission is to back up everything within a few easy to understand pricing plans. all...
Space: 200GB
User Rating: 7.4
About ElephantDrive: ElephantDrive provides individuals and businesses with powerful tools built for high quality security and brings it to everyday use. Comparing themselves modestly to elephants they...
Space: 100GB
User Rating: 9.0
About’s goal is to bring easy cloud computing to everyone with the same high quality technology and service a big corporation can get. They have...
Space: 25GB
Memopal is a European start up company that specializes in online backup. They call the current age of online backup Storage 2.0. Believing their mission is to keep your...
Space: 200GB
User Rating: 9.8
About Google Drive Goggle Drive expands the existing Google Docs platform to include a free 5GB storage space for any files you want. It’s an easy to...
Space: 25GB
User Rating: 9.0
11 results - showing 1 - 11
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