Best Business Backups

Business often have more requirements, including 24/7 phone tech support, more automation options, and faster restore times.

When selecting a backup company things to look for include, server support, dedicated phone tech support, ability to create multiple administrator accounts as well as different levels of permission access.

For larger companies that fall under Sarbox Oxley, Hippa or other regulation it is best to look for enterprise level backup companies.  Read our Expert Picks for Enterprise.

Expert Picks - Business Backup Plans

Expert Rating: 9.2 User Rating: 8.9


MyPC Backup is quickly making a name for themselves. They have an excellent product. It is very easy to install, configure and use and able to get you backed up in no time.

When we took MyPC Backup for a test drive for our full review we were able to get the software installed in 3 minutes and immediately started our first backup job. Everything was easy to understand and configure.

For most people the basic backup plan is all that is needed but if you need additional features MyPC Backup has them available.

Plan Details:
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Number of Computers: 1
  • Free Trial: Yes - 14 Day

Expert Rating: 9.0 User Rating: 9.6

ZipCloud is the best at what they do because of great, easy to use design. Collaboration between users is simple using the sync folder. Simply move the files you need to into this folder to share with a set of users and it will stay synced.

Using 256 bit Encryption (Industry Standard is 128 bit) with ZipCloud means your data stays safe and secure. Their plans are unlimited which makes storing files easy and stress free.

Because it is simple to add new users and more space to the Sync Folder, it encourages use by lots of people using ZipCloud. This features is is only one of many that make ZipCloud a great choice for a simple business solution.
Plan Details:
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Number of Computers: 1 Computer
  • Free Trial: Yes - 14 Day

Expert Rating: 9.0 User Rating: 9.6

IDrive is one of the favored backup companies among experts. They are owned by Pro Softnet Corp. who has been around since 1999. Like their sister company IBackup, they have the technical ability and embrace businesses needs.

IDrive software works really well. It was helpful to have features like true archiving, drive support, proxy support, incremental backups, bandwidth throttle and more. These features come in handy, but they also excel at tech support.
Plan Details:
  • Storage: 100GB
  • Number of Computers: Unlimited
  • Free Trial: No

Expert Rating: 8.6 User Rating: 9.3

Need a simple file syncing cloud storage solution for your business? SugarSync has grown significantly among those who need to stay synchronized over multiple platforms.

Their business strategy is sound and works because of their early adaption of new platforms/operating systems, phone support, and scalable user options.
Plan Details:
  • Storage: 1TB
  • Number of Computers: Unlimited
  • Free Trial: Yes - 30 Day

Expert Rating: 8.4 User Rating: 4.5

Mozy is one of the biggest names in online backup. Started in 2005 they have offices around the world and offer competitive pricing for both business and individual customers. People are attracted to Mozy because of they are simplistic and secure.

MozyPro is an expanded version of Mozyhome that offers more security and storage options. It runs well, just like MozyHome, but works on multiple computers and databases.
Plan Details:
  • Storage: $0.50/GB/month
  • Number of Computers: Pay Per Computer
  • Free Trial: Yes

Top 5 things to consider when looking for the best Business Backup Plans

  1. Number of Computers & Users

    Prepare for choosing a plan by counting the people and computers that will be apart of the backup plan. 

  2. Company Size

    Small or large, it's never good to outweigh your online backup system. Inquire about the size of the company you are choosing to ensure they will be able to handle your important data.

  3. Supported Operating Systems

    Running Mac and Windows? Make sure all computers you need to backup are supported by the backup software.

  4. Tech Support

    It there will be a need for user support, ensure that the company chosen will handle frequent phone, email or chat support.

  5. Administration & Software Features

    Review each company listed above. In their page you will see a list of features. Look through them for a good idea of what they are offering.

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