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Large companies or divisions of large companies have an entirely different level of complexity and requirements.  Often times they have thousands of computers to back up as well as Federal regulations to comply with.

Features to look for enterprise class backup companies include, advanced server support including Exchange, Oracle, Linux and Windows server.  Administrators should be able to create multiple levels of account access as well as create accounts on the fly.

If enterprise level requirements our Expert Picks for Business backup may be a good place to start.

Expert Picks for Enterprise Backup Plans

Expert Rating: 9.2 User Rating: 8.9


MyPC Backup is quickly making a name for themselves. They have an excellent product. It is very easy to install, configure and use and able to get you backed up in no time.

When we took MyPC Backup for a test drive for our full review we were able to get the software installed in 3 minutes and immediately started our first backup job. Everything was easy to understand and configure.

For most people the basic backup plan is all that is needed but if you need additional features MyPC Backup has them available.

Plan Details:
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Number of Computers: 1
  • Free Trial: Yes - 14 Day

Expert Rating: 8.0 User Rating: 9.3

IBackup is owned by Pro Softnet Corp and is located in Calabasas, CA. Their "Professional Plans" are built with large enterprise businesses in mind. They work well for large groups with multiple account options and excellent technical support.

After installing and using IBackup's software it is notable that they are focused highly on large business. They have many different technical features like database backup, sub-accounts, managers and sharing options. IBackup is good for large businesses that need scaling options and well-rounded support.
Plan Details:
  • Storage: 100GB
  • Number of Computers: Unlimited
  • Free Trial: Yes

Top 5 things to consider when looking for the Best Enterprise Backup Plans

  1. Company Size

    The larger your business the larger the backup company needs to be. There can be a lot of requests, issues and features only a larger company can offer.

  2. Number of Computers & Users

    Doing a head count of each computer or user that needs access to online backup will help you determine the plan size you need. Some companies will have you call for an estimate.

  3. Tech Support

    It will be worth your time to investigate the company's tech support. A large business needs to have the option to be in direct communication with the tech support.

  4. Supported Operating Systems

    A flawless integration is ideal. To ensure you will get the proper performance out of your backup software check the system requirements and make sure a majority of computers will work with it.

  5. Administration & Software Features

    In a large backup structure, it will be necessary to have sub-accounts. This allows different users to backup different computers. Software that can manage this process needs to work well.

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