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Best Single Computer or Personal Backups

Single Computer Backup Plans is a very popular plan, just about all backup companies offer them. Prices Range from $5.00 to $15.00 per month and data storage can be from 10GB to unlimited.

Standard features can include, incremental backups (only changed files are backed up), background backup (computer backs up when idle) and bandwidth throttling (the percentage of bandwidth used can be set).

Restore time is a often overlooked feature. When a file is lost, it should be restored right away and not in a couple of days. Be sure to check the editor and user reviews for file restore times.

More than one computer to backup? Read our expert picks for Multiple Computer or Family backup plan.

Editor Picks - Single Computer Backup Plans

Expert Rating: 9.2 User Rating: 8.9


MyPC Backup is quickly making a name for themselves. They have an excellent product. It is very easy to install, configure and use and able to get you backed up in no time.

When we took MyPC Backup for a test drive for our full review we were able to get the software installed in 3 minutes and immediately started our first backup job. Everything was easy to understand and configure.

For most people the basic backup plan is all that is needed but if you need additional features MyPC Backup has them available.

Plan Details:
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Number of Computers: 1
  • Free Trial: Yes - 14 Day

Expert Rating: 9.1 User Rating: 6.6


Backblaze started in 2007 in Palo Alto, CA by Gleb Budman with a mission to simplify online backup by offering an unlimited data storage service. Backblaze’s ideal customer are individuals or families as well as is a small businesses. Many traditional backup companies view them as a strong competitor because of their unlimited plans at a very competitive price

After reviewing other popular “unlimited backup” companies, it became clear that Backblaze’s simplistic design and useful features exceed expectations. The software is easy to use, requires minimal computer resources, while the settings are easy to understand and the restore is lightning fast. Starting at $5 a month for unlimited storage, it’s hard to beat this simple, well designed service.

Plan Details:
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Number of Computers: 1
  • Free Trial: Yes - 15 Day

Expert Rating: 9.0 User Rating: 9.6

Zip Cloud leads the pack because of their simplistic design. It only takes seconds to get started with easy installation and one-click backup. You will be safely backing up in no time. Zip Cloud comes with secure, unlimited storage. Zip Cloud uses 256 bit Encryption (Industry Standard is 128 bit) - Because of this encryption and other security measures, you can be at ease knowing your data is safe.

There are many applications for using ZipCloud including sharing and syncing capabilities. The larger companies don't support many of these features that ZipDrive offers for free. This includes iPhone, Android and Blackberry as well.

Zip cloud has been rated number one for several reasons. They can backup any size files, extensive file versioning, mobile access from anywhere in the world, drag and drop utility, and much more.
Plan Details:
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Number of Computers: 1
  • Free Trial: Yes - 14 Day

Expert Rating: 9.0 User Rating: 9.6


Located in Calabasas, CA, IDrive is owned by Pro Softnet which was founded in 1999. iDrive focuses on home backup plans for single & multiple computers. They also provide a range of services for small business. Many are attracted to IDrive because of the robust features, competitive prices, security, and high quality tech support.

After installing the IDrive software, selecting files for backup was straightforward and easy. When it was time to set up the backup scheduler, the interface was not quite as intuitive. One of the stronger aspects of IDrive is the two pane viewer which allows you to see files locally and remotely.

Plan Details:
  • Storage: 150GB
  • Number of Computers: 1
  • Free Trial: No

Expert Rating: 8.6 User Rating: 9.3


SugarSync does very well backing up a single computer but its strengths really shine when it comes to accessing your data on multiple computers. Started in 2004, they have grown exponentially and now have a new CEO and management team.

Traveling across multiple platforms, SugarSync gets file syncing and online backup right. Their backup/sync manager is easy to use and doesn't force you to duplicate or move files into a new folder like Dropbox does.

Plan Details:
  • Storage: 60GB
  • Number of Computers: Any
  • Free Trial: Yes - 30 Day

Top 5 things to consider when looking for the Best Personal Backup Plans

  1. Storage Vs. Price

    More space will come at a price. Measure the amount of space needed before deciding on a price. This is the way most companies structure backup plans.

  2. Company Reputation

    There are a lot of backup plans out there. It is best to look for a solid company that you can trust with your most important data.

  3. Backup Software Features

    A strong feature list improves convenience and ease of use. If you are going to spend a lot for a plan, make sure the software is easy to use, powerful and responsive.

  4. Tech Support

    A good support system will help break through any problems that can arise. Most company's boast of simplicity, but this is not always the case.

  5. Supported Operating Systems

    It may seem like a small detail, but system requirements can change how the whole backup process is handled. Make sure the plan is of optimal function for your computer.

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